Our Offerings


Hardware services

We specialize in the creation, management, and optimization of your technological solutions, bringing quality managed IT services to your company

Innovative Partnerships

Our hardware solutions will improve your IT infrastructure and help you deliver better service availability to your end customers. Having faulty equipment not only slows down your production, it can also cost you time and money.

Manpower Consulting

With more than decade of experience in Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment we have creditable experience in Sourcing, Screening and Selection process of huge no. of prospective candidates for various Organizations

Pro Equipment

Our Equipment is state of the art. we never compromise on quality of equipment. We have global network to get the equipment which are otherwise not possible

System Integration

We are a system integration company with strong expertise in providing ERP integration services that seamlessly consolidate disparate technology products and applications.

Custom Application

We develop Costume applications from Android, IOS, Webapps to AI and ML

WebApp Development

IOS App Development

Android App Development

Software Services

Video Conferencing Solution
Video Conferencing Solution

Actis provides diverse, high-end video conferencing solutions for the enterprise segment. You can use video conferencing to save travel time and money.

Custom Sw and Hw Design
Custom S/w and H/w Design

From third party software or hardware integrations to custom application software design and development, we are all set to cater you

Simple Hardware Estimates
Simple Hardware Estimates

With our team of experts, we calk out the precise working estimates within a day’s time. With the experts we have, our estimates have grown powerful and precise upto +/- 5%